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Saturday, April 26, 2008 9:49
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FIRST-CLASS MAILI read Fast Company magazine. Well, I try to read it regularly anyways. Like Fast Company, most of the newer and popular magazines have little inset graphic images offering some kind of graphic insight to some interesting numbers. I believe these small images could be some of the best information in the magazines. Try this one for example from the May 2008 issue of Fast Company (page 48).

So companies are spending on average $1.8 million on banner advertising on web sites and a little over $300k on email advertising, yet look at the return!

So I can spend $6.53 to get an order from a client or up to $71.89? This makes me realize I need to focus more on cultivating email contacts and using those contacts more effectively.

That’s pretty easy to sell. What if I can help you reduce your cost to acquire an order? Spending less to make money is always enticing to business owners.

So here’s the killer app question. If I were find a way to help customers use email and video (ComScore estimates a 66% increase between Feb 2007 and Feb 2008 of videos watched online) in a reasonably simple fashion what are the chances I’d have a real winner? I think they are high. So, what do you think? As a consumer/customer, what marriage of email and web video would interest you?

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